We Focus on Data, Not Drama.

We Let the Data Do the Talking

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It’s simple, really. Lenders and servicers are always bogged down by people, processes and paperwork. But ShortSave allows the data to do the talking, things get moving.

ShortSave is shorter where it counts: We take people and paperwork out of the equation until after a lending decision has been made by the servicer.

Forget the old way.  It’s no longer necessary for a human to collect, analyze, and process every last piece of paper before a decision can be made. ShortSave uses the data servicers already have to make a determination.

Friendly and Safe


ShortSave’s safe, secure, non-threatening, and non-judgmental SaaS servicer platform enables borrowers to request a work-out solution without the emotion and disappointment that often accompanies homeowners in distress.

Our friendly online interview process eliminates borrowers’ fear and embarrassment because it removes humans from the initial decision process.

Instead, we present the facts and get results, without burdening either side of the transaction with excessive and needless paperwork or dozens of missed phone calls.

Mark F. of  Illinois hadn’t talked with his loan servicer in more than a year. Yet after his servicer mailed him a letter explaining his options and pointed him to ShortSave’s white labeled platform, he logged in to check it out. Within five minutes, Mark found out he wasn’t approved for a loan modification (and why). But then he selected a deed-in-lieu transaction from ShortSave’s options, and received an almost immediate approval. All without talking to a human being.

Approve, then process

Traditionally, servicers deal with a tedious, 16-step process that is prone to failure to grant permission to conduct a short sale or approve a loan modification. ShortSave upends this model by enabling servicers to make decisions based on the facts first — and in so doing, turns 16 steps into three.

ShortSave’s motto is simple: Approve, then process.

Our patent-pending algorithm crunches the numbers and the data that servicers already have, yielding approvals much more quickly, with fewer errors or delays, for borrowers.

How we make money

ShortSave is a purpose-built SaaS platform. Servicers subscribe to our service to handle tranches of loans. Our platform is white-labeled, and it is also customizable.

We charge a negotiated per-transaction fee, as well as licensing and customization fees to thoroughly integrate ShortSave into our clients’ existing systems.


Success Story



Why do lenders love ShortSave? Because our online, algorithm-based process appeals to consumers who might have been avoiding contact with their servicers — and leads to fast, successful resolutions.