Why ShortSave?

ShortSave asked a simple question: Why is it so hard to work with lenders when homeowners are in trouble?

We believe that it should much faster to help a homeowner with a short sale, loan modification, or deed-in-lieu.

After all, the terms of a mortgage and the value of a home is really just a bunch of numbers.

That’s where ShortSave comes in. We let the dollars and cents of a borrower’s mortgage — the data — do the talking, so consumers don’t have to. Our friendly, honest, non-judgmental, and neutral platform works for borrowers. But it also works for lenders and servicers — because it streamlines the people, paperwork and traditional processes that make loan resolution move at a snail’s pace.

ShortSave enables borrowers and lenders to work out a rapid arrangement based on the facts, with a minimum of paperwork and drama.

“What the…how did you do this?” — Suguaro Holdings