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Your lender asked ShortSave to help work out your loan situation — online, without all the paperwork, endless phone calls and delays. With just a few clicks, you can review your current loan data, then get approval from your lender to short-sale your house without going into foreclosure. We'll get an answer for you in just one day.

Shawn P. of North Carolina lost contact with his loan servicer for four months. ShortSave mailed him a letter; three days later he logged in and submitted a loan mod request. Shawn received approval the same day and accepted the new terms…all with just a few clicks.

No phone calls, no surly service reps, and no wait times.



When your home and finances are threatened, you need help. That's why we built ShortSave. Our patent-pending technology makes it a snap to get a loan modification on your home and preserve your remaining equity with the dignity you deserve.


We invented ShortSave to help homeowners get out from under their mortgages — and get back to their lives. You're here because your lender wants us to help you, too.